At the Crossroads of Connecting Publishers, Content, and Advertisers.

REM Creates, Manages and Monetizes Content for our owned & operated brands, as well as for our partners. By leveraging our expertise in tracking and performance data we deliver highly engaging content to users around the globe.With our help Publishers get the most out of their content while also helping them reach new audiences and advertising potential.

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Quality Content is crucial to the success and scalability of digital brands as well as to the building of relationships with their target audience. REM helps to shape and focus content so that is able to be distributed to the right audience.


In order to maximize our content and brands' potential REM partners with a number of advertisers from around the world.


Our Brands span a number of verticals which allow us to reach a large number of users from multiple demographics. This reach gives us the ability to have a wide range of demand partners which in turn gives us the best possible returns on our traffic.


We understand the value of brands and strive to maximize brand potential and grow it by increasing the overall user base and reach for our properties.

With our management and tools we help increase brands overall reach and grow social profiles which in turn make them more attractive to our or Ad partners.

For Publishers, By Publishers

We create some of the best content on the web

Content Creation & Management

Create and curate your content seamlessly with our proprietary content creation and management tool.

  • Multisite WordPress Integration
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Realtime Analytics Data
  • Automated Content Optimization
  • Content Reccomendation Engine
  • Integrated SEO Optimization
  • And Much More

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Keep users engaged by seamlessly generating multiple types of varying content designed to keep users interested. Increase page views decrease bounce rates and generate more revenue with content designed to keep users focused.

web Blog Posts

play_arrow Image Galleries

question_answer Personality Quizzes

more And More!


Use state of the art analytics data to help make informed decisions on which content is impacting your users the most. As well as detailed information related to demographics in order to assist content creators with creating the content your user base will love!

Our built-in analytics tools make it easy to visualize data in order to optimize content and increase ROI!


Spend less time contemplating and more time creating! Our intuitive content creation tools make creating content easier than ever. Seamlessly format content, optimize images, and generate SEO recommendations all within one easy to use interface.

Our next generation publishing tools also offer insights into trending content, as well as keyword costs and search volume in order to help content creators generate concepts for articles!.

Content Marketing Experts

Putting quality content where it needs to be with the help of Social & Native Partners.

Brand & Social Media Growth

Traffic Acquisition Services

Revenue Tracking

Detailed reports to help make better decisions when publishing content and increase ROI.

It's important to know as much about your users as possible in order to provide the best possible content. That why our amazing analytics technologies make it simple to understand your users.

In addition to analyzing your user base, our unique tracking tools give you advanced, real time insights into site performance.

REM’s optimized tracking technology lets our partners and ourselves achieve optimal performance across our ecosystem of properties by making it easy and seamless to understand and track everything from user engagements and performance to fraud. By seeing and understand all this in realtime and acting on it, this platform gives us the ability to optimize our users base to their best potential.

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Avg. Users Per Month 2.7 Million
Monthly Pageviews 44 Million
Avg. Session Duration 7.5 Mins

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